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METALSCREEN g.e.e.e. official supplier aluminium false ceilings New Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi

We supplied the best false ceilings products installed inside the new buildings complex composed by the official Presidential residence and Government Municipality offices buildings in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates U.A.E.

27.905 mq
square meters
False suspended ceilings incombustible full inspections removable panels realized with open cell grid 
Type COKI B-15 Height mm.50 made of prepainted aluminium thickness mm.0,6 washable dustproof corrosionproof lay-on TWIN LOCK mm.15 x height mm.38 supporting T grid system seismic lock made of hot dipped galvanized corrosion proof steel with prepainted aluminium capping washable dust proof corrosion proof same color as aluminium open cell panels.

18.600 mq
square meters
False suspended ceilings incombustible full inspection removables squared panels mm.600x600 
Type Q6060 Clip-in made of prepainted aluminium thickness mm.0,7 washables dust-proof corrosion-proof clip-in double structure seismic lock made of hot dipped galvanized corrosionproof steel

The Abu Dhabi Presidential palace and residences and Governatives Buildings new Complex is the biggest buildings infrastructure and most prestigious project realized through all over the United Arab Emirates.
It will be realized thanks to His Highness Skheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of the UAE and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and 
His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Force and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

METALSCREEN g.e.e.e. manufactured in ITALY- EU all the ceilings item products, all systems components and accessories at our production main factory plant located at Bomporto Modena Emilia Romagna ITALIA
- All raw materials are origin Italian Country -EU.
- The materials manufactured by Italian sophisticated last generation advanced technology robotized production lines.
- Each part of our ceilings systems are recyclable 100% and not dangerous for the health.
- All items including the special packaging are Made in Italy 100%.

We are proud, that the Metalscreen ceilings systems products  were installed inside one of the most important new building infrastructure of the world.
We are proud to be choosed favorite and to  defeats all world competitors, considering our highest quality of products, new design proposals, large range of models, technical solutions, serious policy ,well named serious hones honest company through all over the world market.

Al Ras Al Akhdar Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Costruzione Presidential Palace District

The project calls for construction of new Presidential Palace located on Ras al-Akhdar peninsula adjacent to the Emirates Palace Hotel. The Palace will exceed 160,000m2 of built area and will contain several VIP wings, several buildings and accommodations for staff and military. The palace will be used by the UAE federal government. Prepainted aluminium false ceilings corrosionproof METALSCREEN g.e.e.e. International supplier

Adnoc begins take over of 75 filling stations

Haseeb Haider 

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (Adnoc) has signed an MoU to begin the gradual takeover of oil-retailer Emarat’s 75 petrol stations and its oil terminal at Port Khalid.

Adnoc Distribution’s landmark deal with Emirates General Petroleum Corporation or Emarat will give access to the petrol stations in the Northern Emirates, giving it a wider geographical footprint in two years.
The takeover plan was announced in September last year, while at the beginning of this year, Adnoc Distribution started supplying its products to the Emarat service stations through Sharjah Terminal.
Emarat’s role is to distribute the petroleum products to all the service stations and provide the essential operational services, until taking over of the Sharjah Terminal.
The move means that Abu Dhabi, which until September last year had been providing indirect financial assistance to Emarat, through the federal government to bridge its up to Dh80 million losses every month, will take over the business directly with a strong presence in Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, according to an oil expert with deep insights into the UAE’s retail oil business.
Emarat had been incurring losses on account of its procurement of petroleum products from international market on Dh3.2 per litre against a retail price of Dh1.7 per litre. Emarat had been borrowing from local banks to make its procurements on federal guarantees.
Since the announcement of the deal, Emarat’s losses has been shifted, says the expert.
Under the deal, Adnoc Distribution will take-over 31 petrol stations in Sharjah, 16 in Ras Al Khaimah, 12 in Fujairah, 10 in Ajman, and six in Umm Al Quwain.
On the occasion of signing the agreement, Abdulla Al Dhaheri, Adnoc Distribution CEO said: “We are moving ahead to cooperate and coordinate for the acquisition mechanism of transferring the 75 service stations.”
He also added that the agreement will enhance the cooperation and relations between the two, which stressed the importance of the transition in line with maintaining the quality of the provided services, to the customer during this stage.
Adnoc Distribution harnesses all its possibilities to enhance the retail sector and strive to meet the needs of its customers.
With regard to re-branding the service stations, Al Dhaheri said he plans to start implementing the changes immediately to the interior and exterior of the service stations.
The first phase of the re-branding will commence with two pilot service stations — ‘Al Madar’ service station in Sharjah and ‘Al Nadya’ service station in RAK, by placing Adnoc logo and adding the distinguished design of Adnoc service stations, which are expected to be completed within this year.
“Furthermore, the re-branding of the other service stations is expected to span 24 months or to a maximum of five years until completion after acquiring the service stations as agreed,” he said.
For customer convenience, coordination with Emarat will be underway to facilitate the placement of Adnoc Distribution pole sign at the entrance of each service station. The pole sign will carry the Adnoc brand, along with a description of all the offered services and activities at the service stations,” he added.
The existing workforce will, however, be retained. “We are committed to continue the implementation of our strategic plans in terms of expansion projects and develop our services in accordance with global standards,” Al Dhaheri said.
The agreement was signed by the CEO of Adnoc Distribution, Abdullah Salem Al Dhaheri and by the Acting General Manager of Emarat, Adel Khalifa Al Shaer, at Adnoc Distribution Head office in the presence of Mohammad Obaid Al Dhaheri, Senior Vice-President for Retail Group at Adnoc Distribution.
Others who were present on the occasion included Dr Mohammed Abdullah Al Mansoori, Technical Advisor for Retail Group at Adnoc Distribution; Khalid Mohammed Hadi, Vice-President Marketing & Corporate Communications Division; Dr. Rahma Al Shamsi, Retail Sales Manager, Hassan A Arab, Finance and Accounts Manager.


Business Insider: This Abu Dhabi Palace will cost $490 Milion and span an incredible 2 Milion Square feet

Business Insider: This Abu Dhabi Palace will cost $490 Million and span an incredible 2 Million Square feet



If you work outside the interior design industry, you may not have heard of Wilson Associates. For the uninitiated, it is the world’s fastest growing interior design company, it is currently designing the interiors of the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace and it has just opened an office in Dubai.
The US-based company has also just invested 10 per cent of its gross annual earnings in building a corporate image to ensure people associate with Wilson as a brand.
The firm has designed the interiors of more than 3,000 of the world’s most iconic hotels, the Burj Al Arab and The One & Only Royal Mirage to name but two, and cites 20 of the world’s top billionaires as clients. So when it comes to luxury this company knows what’s what.
Olivier Chavy, the firm’s garrulous French chief executive, explains the feel they are currently creating for Abu Dhabi’s Presidential Palace.
“We are very proud to work on the Presidential Palace, it is a place where a head of state feels like a head of state. It will be more than iconic, it will be a signature,” says Mr Chavy. “It is two buildings of 90,000 square feet, each with the most luxurious interior design you can imagine.
“There is different positioning and aspects for both buildings. It’s the best of the best in terms of technology – technology of materials, technology of physical space the highest-end pieces of furniture and materials. The quality of construction cannot be bettered.”
Mr Chavy says there are about 6,000 workers toiling through the day on the project and another 4,000 at night.
“It will be such a strong statement for us,” he adds. “We obviously have a lot of nondisclosure agreements, but it is slated for 2015 when all the heads of state come to the palace, and that will be a special time for Wilson Associates.”
Headquartered in Dallas, the firm first set up in 1971 and has since blossomed into a global player with offices in Singapore, India and Shanghai. Mr Chavy says that 55 per cent of the work done out of his three offices in the United States comes from this region (of 21 hotels being built in Saudi Arabia right now Wilson Associates are designing 19 of the interiors), making it hugely important to his business and creating a need to be in the hot spot: Dubai.
“Dubai and the Gulf area is the only place on earth I know where you have such a global clientele and all those clients have different backgrounds, different cultures, different levels of expectation,“ says Mr Chavy. “Dubai is the only destination on earth that can speak to all those people. Luxury can mean many different things to many people, and Dubai meets all expectations. Europe is old in many ways, especially in the way it treats the hospitality business. The Gulf, and Dubai in particular, has reached a new level. They understand globalisation and the clients. They know that Russians like to show off and shine, but the Japanese like a low-key environment, the Chinese travel all together and are noisy. Dubai understands all the cultural differences and has an offering for all.”
He sees Dubai, in regard to hotel design, three to five years ahead of the curve, with The Royal Mirage, which opened in 2001, being five to 10 years ahead. He adds that Dubai will continue to feature more and more iconic buildings rather than the cut-and-paste models that have sprung up as the booming hospitality industry rushes to keep up with demand.
“Some of the hotels have become bland and the new generation of operators are pushing boundaries in taste and delivery,” says Mr Chavy. “The essence will be open space, wet and dry areas in the bathrooms, more compromise and flexibility on privacy with screens inside and outside. More and more sophistication in technology of lighting – no aggressive lighting. The five senses will be fully utilised – smell, touch, sound, with sound systems following you, so that music can follow you up to your room.”
The new branding exercise the company has embarked upon comes at a time when it has partnered with one of the biggest architectural firms in the world.
At the beginning of the month, it joined forces with East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (Ecadi). The partnership hopes to fuse the expertise of two leading designers creating a dominant new force in the architectural design industry. Ecadi, the No 1 architectural firm in China, has completed more than 30,000 landmark design and consulting projects, including five of the world’s tallest buildings. It shows that Wilson Associates are reaching for the stars in more ways than one.

from: thenational.ae 



Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace interior designer knows how to do luxury

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace interior designer knows how to do luxury


While the Guggenheim labor controversy has shed recent light on the Emirates city of Abu Dhabi, turns out there's a whole lot of other stuff going on there.
Take, for example, the new presidential palace, a $490M project that was awarded to Greek construction firm Consolidated Contractors Company and Abu Dhabi-based architects Ewan Architectural & Engineering Consultancy last year.
Homes of the Rich offers the insane-looking rendering, which shows off a main palace (expected to total more than 2M square feet), smaller palaces, villas, and a smattering of other outbuildings and amenities.
The compound will sit in good, sweet, ostentatious company beside the Emirates Palace Hotel, which made a name for itself around the holidays by hosting a Christmas tree dripping in $11M worth of jewelry.


Gazzetta di Modena: Metalscreen Geee fornitore ufficiale controsoffitti in alluminio

Adnoc Petroleum - Presidential Palace Building Abu Dhabi U.A.E.


Il made in Modena vince la missione negli Emirati Arabi

Adnoc Petroleum - Palazzo Presidenziale Governativo Abu Dhabi

La Metalscreen di Bomporto protagonista nel maxi-cantiere della residenza presidenziale. Prossimo impegno? Il petrolio

ABU DHABI. Lo aveva intuito da tempo: «Questa è la nuova porta dell’Asia», diceva Francesco Ricci, presidente della Metalscreen di Bomporto.

La sua azienda, specializzata in controsoffittature e leader italiano per tecnologia e servizi, aveva puntato forte su Abu Dhabi e tutti gli Emirati per ampliare il proprio business. In rapida successione Ricci e il suo staff avevano chiuso accordi per i grandi cantieri degli emiri: l’hotel Burji Al Arab, il 7 stelle fatto a vela, il Marima Mall di Abu Dhabi e il Mall Of The Emirates, il più grande centro commerciale del mondo, oltre all’Armani Hotel nel Burj Khalifa Tower, il grattacielo più alto del mondo a Dubai.

Ma è con il Presidental Palace Complex che la Metalscreen ha chiuso il cerchio: si tratta dell’immenso cantiere che, una volta concluso, ospiterà la residenza presidenziale con annessi gli uffici governativi e amministrativi della capitale Abu Dhabi. Se poi è vero che “da cosa nasce cosa”, ecco arrivare la firma in calce su un altro progetto: Ricci, infatti, andrà nella terra dei petrolieri per aiutarli a gestire il petrolio. Sembra un paradosso, ma è notizia degli ultimi giorni l’accordo per realizzare tutti i nuovi controsoffitti in doghe delle innumerevoli stazioni di benzina della compagnia Adnoc, ossia il gruppo petrolifero di bandiera.

«Nei prossimi giorni partirà un container per Abu Dhabi necessario a proseguire i lavori nel Palazzo presidenziale – spiega il presidente di Metalscreen – Ci dovremmo occupare delle sale meeting, ossia le zone che nei piani strategici dovranno diventare il centro di confronto tra i potenti della terra. Gli Emirati sono una zona neutrale per questo puntano ad essere il centro nevralgico delle trattative politiche. Pensare che, ad esempio, Obama e Putin si troveranno nelle stanze dove sono installati i nostri controsoffitti è un orgoglio mio, ma credo che dimostri la tenacia e le capacità del “fare emiliano”. Il futuro per l’edilizia è senza dubbio da queste parti e vivere direttamente sul campo ti permette poi di conquistarti, grazie a competenza e professionalità, altri business. L’accordo con Adnoc ha un valore commerciale, ma soprattutto simbolico, immenso. Noi italiani, che di petrolio non ne abbiamo, andiamo a casa dei petrolieri per aiutarli a gestire la loro ricchezza. Il consiglio per gli imprenditori nostrani? Guardate a questa terra con un occhio di riguardo perché le potenzialità sono infinite». (f.d.)


05 Dicembre 2014

da: Gazzetta di Modena


Azienda di Bomporto Modena fornitore ufficiale controsoffitti in alluminio per Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi-UAE

La Metalscreen di Francesco Ricci ha fornito i controsoffitti al progetto più costoso al mondo in costruzione ad Abu Dhabi

di Francesco Dondi

BOMPORTO. Per la “Metalscreen” il mercato arabo è un una frontiera ormai conosciuta, ma dopo come l’hotel Burji Al Arab, il famosissimo hotel 7 stelle fatto a vela, il Marina Mall di Abu Dhabi e il Mall Of The Emirates, il più grande centro commerciale del mondo, oltre all’Armani Hotel con le parti comuni all’interno del Burj Khalifa Tower, il grattacielo più alto del mondo a Dubai, ecco un nuovo traguardo raggiunto dall’impresa della famiglia Ricci. È infatti in fase di assemblamento la prima delle sei commesse di controsoffitti in alluminio, che andranno a formare il Presidental Palace Complex, ossia il progetto edile attualmente più costoso al mondo. Si tratta della nuova residenza presidenziale compresa di tutti gli uffici amministrativi e governativi della capitale degli Emirati Arabi uniti, realizzata su una penisola (come il circuito di F1) dalla quale si accede per ragioni di sicurezza solo via aria o mare. Il committente è lo sceicco Al Nahyan, in veste di governatore della capitale Abu Dhabi e già proprietario della compagnia aerea Ethiad e della squadra di calcio del Manchester City.

«Sono stato di persona ad Abu Dhabi - spiega Francesco Ricci, presidente di Metalscreen - per presentare il nostro prodotto, realizzato completamente in alluminio con requisiti di sicurezza antisismica, normative ambientali e certificazione di qualità, con certificazione resistenza alla corrosione salina garantita per 50, trovandoci circondati dal mare. Siamo risultati i migliori, superando la concorrenza dei grandi competitor europei e dei concorrenti asiatici. E credo che, oltre alla qualità, abbia prevalso l’impegno di rispettare le strette tempistiche. Ciò è stato possibile grazie agli onerosissimi investimenti che hanno reso la Metalscreen completamente automatizzata e robotizzata capace di produrre autonomamente anche di notte, il sabato e la domenica. Ma la soddisfazione più grande, per me imprenditore modenese, è stato il colloquio avuto con uno degli amici più ricchi al mondo. Quando gli ho raccontato della mia provenienza, ha subito associato Modena alla Ferrari. Gli ho spiegato che dalla nostra città proviene sempre serietà, affidabiltà e design in ogni settore. Tutta la commessa è “made in Mo”, oltre alle controsoffittature, infatti, anche gli imballaggi arrivano da aziende del territorio».

E Ricci, in qualità di leader assoluto del mercato italiano, dà alcuni suggerimenti alle imprese modenesi: «C’è un mondo da scoprire fuori dai confini europei. Il mondo arabo è in continua evoluzione, c’è competenza e voglia di investire, quella sarà la nuova frontiera».

@francescodondi                                                                             18 marzo 2014

da: Gazzetta di Modena

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace controsoffitti in alluminio - Aluminium False ceilings supplier

Nel favoloso mondo di Abu Dhabi con Metalscreen
Il manager dell'azienda di Bomporto ci accompagna, con queste foto,
alla scoperta del più costoso complesso immobiliare attualmente in fase
di costruzione: la Metalscreen fornisce le controsoffittature.


da: Gazzetta di Modena

Palazzo Presidenziale Sceicco Al Nahyan Abu Dhabi - Emirati Arabi Uniti



TRC "Detto tra Noi" presidente METALSCREEN GEEE Francesco Ricci intervistato da Miriam Accardo


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